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Introduction -

Hello, my name is Santiago (James).  I’m a co-founder of bcvalley.com.

I’m a frequent traveler between the USA and Mexico.  I'm also a permanent resident of Mexico.

I'm a retired properties co-owner & business co-owner / investor.

I provide technical assistance & sustainable solutions for small business & non-profits.

I’m celebrating over 25 years of volunteer work.  Specialized in manufacturing, industrial engineering, & IT computer services.

I offer pro bono services to assist low income or disadvantaged clients.  I promote community philanthropy.
The NGO itself is an organization not aspiring to make a profit, although it is free to carry on any economic, business or commercial activity, on the condition that any profits are used to finance the pursuit of the common- or public-interest objectives for which the NGO was set up.  Rest assured that this will always remain true for any products or services that we sell.